Laserfiche WebLink
How do I get started? <br /> <br />The main page, the one I listed above, has two options. You can either use the search bar or click the link just below it. <br />They look like this: <br /> <br /> <br />Using the search bar will perform a search of the entire archive, which means you’re likely to get a large list of results. I f <br />you’d like to narrow things down a bit, click the link. <br /> <br />Where does that take me? <br /> <br />To a page that looks like this: <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />From here, you can either browse around using the folders or you can do another search using the bar circled in red. <br /> <br />How do I search a specific folder? <br /> <br />Just open up the one you want to search. As you open folders, you’ll notice that the search bar doesn’t move. All you <br />have to do is find the folder you’re looking for, enter the terms you’re looking for and press enter. <br />