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01.26.2016 CERT Class Spring 2016[Icon] 1 Public Access
02.02.2016 CPR Class[Icon] 1 Public Access
02.05.2016 Water Main Break[Icon] 1 Public Access
02.10.2016 Accident Involving School Bus[Icon] 1 Public Access
03.01.2016 Ready Wake[Icon] 1 Public Access
03.07.2016 Residential Fire Madres Lane[Icon] 1 Public Access
03.10.2016 Fire Dept Open House 2016[Icon] 1 Public Access
04.06.2016 Bike Rodeo[Icon] 1 Public Access
04.18.2016 Morrisville Selects Police Chief[Icon] 1 Public Access
06.06.2016 Police Chief Swearing In Ceremony[Icon] 1 Public Access
06.08.2016 Budget Update[Icon] 1 Public Access
06.22.2016 Crime Alert, Telephone Scam[Icon] 1 Public Access
07.05.2016 Morrisville Parkway Reopening Delay[Icon] 1 Public Access
07.11.2016 National Night Out[Icon] 1 Public Access
07.12.2016 Morrisville Police Investigate Body Found in Pool[Icon] 1 Public Access
07.12.2016 Morrisville Police Investigate Body Found in Pool UPDATE[Icon] 1 Public Access
07.20.2016 Pokemon Go Safety[Icon] 1 Public Access
07.21.2016 Mayor Stohlman LGERS Appointment[Icon] 1 Public Access
07.26.2016 CERT Class Fall 2016[Icon] 1 Public Access
08.01.2016 Advisory Boards Recruitment[Icon] 1 Public Access
08.01.2016 Help Morrisville PD ID Larceny Person of Interest[Icon] 1 Public Access
08.24.2016 Person of Interest Larceny[Icon] 1 Public Access
08.24.2016 September 11 Memorial 5K[Icon] 1 Public Access
09.07.2016 Morrisville Earns AAA Ratings[Icon] 1 Public Access
09.08.2016 Electoral Residency District Maps Comment Portal Open[Icon] 1 Public Access
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