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04.21.2014 ATTPressrelease[Icon] 1 Public Access
1.28.2014 Town Council Meeting Cancelled[Icon] 1 Public Access
10.13.2014 Parks Accreditation[Icon] 1 Public Access
10.17.2014 Help Morrisville PD ID Break In Suspects[Icon] 1 Public Access
10.23.2014 Morrisville PD Receives Grant for Drug Collection Unit[Icon] 2 Public Access
10.6.2014 HSNC Council Meeting[Icon] 1 Public Access
11.13.2014 Deceased Body Identified[Icon] 1 Public Access
12.11.2014 Morrisville Holding Active Threat Exercise[Icon] 1 Public Access
12.3.2014 Pugh House Atkins House Ceremony[Icon] 1 Public Access
2.12.2014 Town Offices Closed[Icon] 1 Public Access
2.12.2104 Town Offices Closed, Work Session Postponed[Icon] 1 Public Access
2.19.2014 Secretary Tata Town Hall Meeting[Icon] 1 Public Access
3.18.2014 CERT Class[Icon] 1 Public Access
3.20.2014 Morrisville 8th on Top Homeownership List[Icon] 1 Public Access
3.20.2014 Nourishing NC Grant[Icon] 2 Public Access
3.25.2014 Gas Leak McCrimmon[Icon] 1 Public Access
4.22.2014 Morrisville One of 50 Safest Cities in NC[Icon] 1 Public Access
5.14.2014 Bexley Apartment Fire[Icon] 1 Public Access
5.14.2014 FY2014 Budget Award[Icon] 1 Public Access
5.14.2014 FY2015 Proposed Budget Available[Icon] 1 Public Access
5.5.2014[Icon] 1 Public Access
5.5.2014 Update[Icon] 1 Public Access
5.6.2014 PD Continues Investigation on Weaver Forest Way[Icon] 1 Public Access
6.11.2014 Paramount Parkway Sharrows[Icon] 1 Public Access
6.25.2014 Council Approves FY15 Budget[Icon] 1 Public Access
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The Town of Morrisville offers access to various public records via this website. From here, citizens can browse, search, view and print documents on demand. While we are striving to provide you with a complete experience, we cannot gurantee functionality of all linked materials within each one of these documents. If you require access to any further public records, please send an e-mail with as much information as you can provide to
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