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01 25 2012 PEDESTRIAN STRUCK ON AIRPORT BLVD[Icon] 1 Public Access
10.1.2012 Bond Referendum Public Information Session[Icon] 1 Public Access
10.15.2012 Nepalese Ambassador Visit[Icon] 1 Public Access
10.17.2012 Chlorine Leak at MAFC[Icon] 1 Public Access
10.22.2012 FD Live Burn Training[Icon] 1 Public Access
10.25.2012 Morrisville Town Manager Announces Retirement[Icon] 2 Public Access
10.3.2012 Indian Ambassador Visit[Icon] 1 Public Access
10.31.2012 Standard and Poors AA Rating[Icon] 1 Public Access
11.16.2012 PD Reaccreditation[Icon] 1 Public Access
11.7.2012 Bond Referendums PASS[Icon] 1 Public Access
12.10.2012 Christian Church National Register[Icon] 1 Public Access
2.10.2012 Fire Station 1 Ribbon Cutting[Icon] 1 Public Access
2.21.2012 GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award[Icon] 1 Public Access
2.21.2012 Two Plans and a Code - UDO[Icon] 1 Public Access
2.22.2012 FD Receives Child Passenger Safety Program of the Year Award[Icon] 1 Public Access
2.6.2012 Town Hall Meeting District 2[Icon] 1 Public Access
2.8.2012 Two Plans and a Code- McCrimmon Ext Proj Mtg[Icon] 1 Public Access
3.19.12 Town Hall Meeting District 3[Icon] 1 Public Access
3.19.2012 Civil War Trail Marker Ribbon Cutting[Icon] 1 Public Access
3.2.2012 HAMLET IN THE PARK BREAK-IN[Icon] 1 Public Access
3.21.2012 Morrisville Promotes Lightning Safety[Icon] 1 Public Access
3.29.2012 Two Plans and a Code- McCrimmon Transit Small Area Plan April 3[Icon] 2 Public Access
3.6.2012 20,000th Resident[Icon] 1 Public Access
4.12.2012 Bond Referendum Public Input Session[Icon] 1 Public Access
4.17.2012 Town Hall Meeting District 4[Icon] 1 Public Access
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